Our unique combination of creative problem solving, engineering technical know-how and application knowledge allows IEG to engineer bespoke, Client-specific and turnkey energy efficiency solutions. We leverage our extensive in-house development division and ensure our solutions genuinely meet Client needs, from solutions design to implementation and post-implementation energy management.

Our engineers are PhDs specialised in thermal comfort with deep knowledge of ASHRAE / ANSI standards, and with proven track records in the Middle East and Western Europe. Our technical team is also comprised of well-trained specialists in all disciplines related to building automation.

IEG masters the full chain of energy-efficient technical solutions through its Spectrum LED product line, and through the application of advanced electro-mechanical systems and processes. In addition, our intensive know-how gives us the unique capability to implement Energy Management Systems (EMS) that deliver energy savings, and seamlessly integrate with any existing Building Management System (BMS). IEG’s Enterprise Energy Management (EEM) solutions allows to control company-wide energy needs, and provides senior and operational management with all the relevant analytical reporting required for energy cost containment and systems efficiency needs.